Simply Sublime Goodies!


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All Goodie add-ons are just $9.00



Peppermint Foot Feast


Let us help soothe your tired, aching feet

We start with a peppermint steam with warm towels and

finish with a focused foot massage with peppermint essential oil




Warm Neck Relief


If your neck and shoulders need a little extra attention

this goodie is for you. We massage with Arnica & White Flower Oil,

then apply warm towels on the neck and shoulders. Ahhhh . . . what a relief!




Aromatherapy (Includes sample to take home!)



A relaxing blend of Lavender, Rose and Geranium Essential Oils

Soothes and relaxes nervous tension and stress-related conditions

that may inhibit a peaceful night's sleep . . .



A deeply-penetrating blend of Arnica, White Flower and Rosemary Essential Oils

Helps to release and relax overworked, stiff muscles






Reflexology is the ancient Chinese art of applying focused pressure

to reflex points of the feet and hands. This stimulates the body’s ability to

rejuvenate and heal itself by opening subtle electrical channels







Slow Down & Relax

All the stress of summer fun and back to school can leave you stressed out. Come in for one of our signature massage treatments and let us help you relax and rejuvenate. Purchase your Instant Gift Certificate and book an appointment today.

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